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Common Causes of Declining Hygiene in Seniors


When it comes to senior health, maintaining personal hygiene is often an afterthought. However, maintaining good hygiene is essential as it can help prevent infections and diseases that can exacerbate any pre-existing ailments that seniors may have. Hence, many seniors rely on providers of home care in Ventura County, California to address their hygiene needs.

As a leading provider of healthcare staffing services in Los Angeles, California, we will discuss the most common causes of declining hygiene in older adults:

  • Dampened Senses
    As we age, it is common for our senses to degrade. Many seniors experience a decline in their sense of taste, sight, hearing, and smelling capabilities which makes them unaware of their physical health. Hence, they tend to become negligent with personal hygiene. Low energy may also make it more challenging for seniors to maintain their hygiene routines.
  • Depression
    Depression affects people of all ages and can make everyday tasks like bathing challenging. However, depression is often undiagnosed in seniors as symptoms like lethargy and insomnia can be attributed to the side effects of medication. Hence, it’s important to seek professional help to diagnose and treat depression.
  • Fear or Discomfort
    Some seniors may experience fear or discomfort in using the bathroom. The bathroom can be an unsafe space for seniors due to factors like slippery flooring and hard surfaces. An in-home caregiver can promote good personal hygiene by providing personal care and assistance with hygiene tasks.

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