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Effective Ways to Ease Joint Pain in Seniors


Having arthritis shouldn’t hold your senior back from enjoying their golden years. While there is currently no cure for this, with the right people on your side, your senior can still remain happy, healthy, and active in life.

Fountain Homecare Services LLC is here to share a few tips that we use to help our patients who are living with arthritis. Let’s get started!

  • Exercise
    We know seniors with arthritis experience limited mobility, which can prevent them from getting the right amount of exercise daily. But with some physical support from loved ones and home care services, your senior will be able to meet their fitness goals.
  • Keeping a healthy weight
    If your senior is struggling with being overweight or obese, it may be time to get in contact with a nutritionist and find the best diet for them to follow. If meal preparation and feeding are an issue, homemaking services can help make things at home more manageable.
  • Staying hydrated
    About 70% to 80% of our joints are made of water, so it shouldn’t surprise you that being dehydrated can worsen joint pain. Seniors are a lot more prone to dehydration for many reasons. But caregivers at our non-medical services in California can help solve that issue.
  • Apply some heat
    Heat therapy is an amazing way to soothe inflamed joints. When your senior is feeling sore, try a warm bath or put a heating pad on the affected areas.

If you’re unable to tend to a loved one at home, don’t worry, our companionship services can do that job!

These were our top tips for soothing joint pain in seniors. If you’re interested in home care in Los Angeles, California, give us a call!

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