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The Benefits of Companionship Services to Seniors


Did you know that besides exercise and proper nutrition, social interaction is essential to living a long and healthy life? Companionship is the key to senior care to help them alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Learn more about the benefits of companionship services below:

  • It protects against dementia.

    Your senior loved one may be at risk of dementia as they age. But according to research, caregivers that offer home care in Ventura County, California, can help improve seniors’ communication skills.

    Moreover, through daily games and puzzles can also improve seniors’ memory. When your senior loved ones are engaged in meaningful relationships, they can also reduce their risk of developing dementia.

  • It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    According to statistics, among people who suffer from loneliness and social isolation, 29% are more likely to develop coronary heart disease. When your elderly loved ones receive non-medical services in Reseda, California, they can enjoy activities that improve their overall health and well-being, allowing them to live a good quality of life! You can rely on the help of caregivers for companion care.
  • It promotes faster recovery.
    Experts suggest that companionship helps patients recover faster from surgical pain. The results from several tests reveal that people recovering from nerve-related pain and inflammation can recover faster when they have companions or friends to rely on during the recovery process.

Fountain Homecare Services LLC offers companionship services to help your loved ones stay engaged and reduce their risk of loneliness and depression. Our caregivers can assist in engaging conversations, playing board games and puzzles, doing arts and crafts, and other activities. We also offer services, such as respite care, homemaking, and healthcare staffing services in Los Angeles, California.


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