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When Medications Become Dangerous


People use medicines for treatment, maintenance, therapy, and cures. They are chemicals or compounds used for the benefit of people with various diseases and health conditions. It is a breakthrough in medical care.

Medications are generally good for you. You can do it at home without the help of non-medical services in Reseda, California. But when do medications become dangerous to the health of people?

  • Combining medications of the same type

    It happens when you take two or more different tablets with the same content or active ingredient.

  • Taking the wrong pill

    You are starting a new type of medication. You might forget its purpose and take it for pain or other symptoms.

  • Double dosing

    There are instances where you stop popping a pill momentarily, trying to remember whether you already took the day’s dose or not, but take it anyway.

  • Sharing prescriptions

    Your symptoms may be the same, but they could be different disorders. Sharing medicines might cause adverse reactions and worsening of conditions.

  • Stopping treatment when symptoms are gone

    Some people stop taking the medicines without their doctor’s knowledge. And this is one of the things we prevent through responsible home care in Ventura County, California.

Without proper medical monitoring, many patients will be subject to this misuse. We at Fountain Homecare Services LLC inform and educate our clients about adherence and compliance.

We also provide healthcare staffing services in Los Angeles, California. So refer us to your friends needing assistance at home. Contact us at 818-975-8187.

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