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Barriers to Personal Hygiene in Older Adults


Good personal hygiene is essential at any age but can be critical to healthy aging. Bacteria, dirt, and oil can accumulate on the skin, which requires daily cleaning to prevent infections. Unfortunately, many of our elders cannot look after their needs due to factors like impaired mobility, vision loss, or the existence of chronic illnesses. Hence, home care services may be necessary.

As an agency providing home care in Los Angeles, California, we will discuss the common barriers to good hygiene in seniors:

  • Weaker Senses
    As we age, our sense of smell and sight may decline. This can make it more difficult to detect stains or body odors that are more visible to others. As a result, seniors tend to bathe less frequently than they used to. In addition to homemaking, in-home caregivers can assist with personal care.
  • Fear and Discomfort
    If an elderly loved one has had a bad fall or injury recently, they may feel anxious when going to the bathroom. The bathroom can be a highly unsafe space for seniors as dim lighting and slippery bathroom tiles increase the risk of injuries caused by falls.
  • Depression
    Another common reason why older adults refuse to bathe is depression. Depression can make it difficult to perform daily tasks, including bathing, grooming, and dressing. Your loved ones may lack the motivation or energy to take care of themselves.

Fountain Homecare Services LLC is a trusted provider of non-medical services in California. To promote good hygiene at home, we offer personal care as part of our services. Reach out to us or set an appointment for inquiries about this service.

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