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How Veterans Benefit from Receiving In-Home Care


Home care can play a key role in enhancing veterans’ quality of life. With non-medical services in California, veterans have the opportunity to age at home where they are most comfortable, surrounded by friends and family.

As an agency specializing in home care in Los Angeles, California, we will discuss how veterans benefit from receiving in-home care:

  • Retain Independence
    Not all veterans or seniors want to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. With home care, veterans can remain at home while receiving the right level of support. This promotes independence and allows them to be around familiar objects to provide a sense of comfort as they age.
  • Receive Help with Homemaking
    As we age, tasks like preparing meals or keeping the home clean and orderly become a challenge. In-home caregivers can help by offering to prepare meals and organize the home. This enhances their mood and ensures safety at home.
  • Stay Connected
    Adjusting to civilian life, especially during retirement is a major adjustment for many veterans. The places and activities they once enjoyed may feel strange after being away in combat. Home care can help them stay mobile and engaged with the community at their own pace. This also includes assistance with community meet-ups, running errands, or going to doctor’s appointments.

We at Fountain Homecare Services LLC offer our services to address the needs of our veterans. Proudly serving the veteran population across Los Angeles and Ventura County, we offer our home care services for an improved quality of life. Contact us for inquiries about eligibility or to arrange care for a loved one.

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