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How You Can Help Your Child Conquer Tantrums


One of the primary manifestations of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is tantrums. Because of communication deficits that come with the diagnosis, your child may resort to throwing tantrums when they feel frustrated or uncomfortable.
Although you may opt to avail of non-medical services in California, here are some tips you can do at home to avoid tantrums.

  • Stick to Routine

    Each child in the spectrum has a routine they want to follow. This is another trait of ASD. Sticking with their morning o bedtime routines is familiar and predictable for them, so it’s comfortable. A disruption from routine is one cause of tantrums.

  • Respect Their Rituals

    This is somewhat related to sticking to routines. This also manifests differently from one child to another. An example would be lining up toys in a straight row or keeping their favorite toys in specific places. Don’t forget to inform your provider for home care services about these routines.

  • Teach them effective communication

    Discipline starts at home, as they say. Try to encourage your child to use their words so they can learn to communicate their feelings, needs, and wants effectively. Encourage other caregivers to do the same for your child too.

  • Partner with an Expert

    There’s only so much that a parent can give. Caring for a child with special needs is emotional, mentally, and physically taxing. Having expert pediatric care by your side can help lighten the stress and burden. Professionals can also teach your child the necessary coping mechanisms.

Don’t hesitate to seek help from home care in Los Angeles, California. Caring for your child with special needs can get too demanding on some days. That’s why Fountain Homecare Services LLC is here for you. Give us a call today!

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