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Common Allergens for Older Adults


Food allergies can develop anytime throughout a person’s life. When allergies strike elderly people, unfortunately, symptoms may be severe. This is why expert senior care is a plus in case of newfound triggers.

It’s a given that seniors confront a range of challenges that come with age, which may be mitigated by the help of expert home care in Los Angeles, California. For awareness, here are some allergens that may cause your senior loved one to experience symptoms.

  • Wheat

    Unfortunately, some older adults develop an intolerance to wheat in their later years. Wheat allergies are caused by a hypersensitivity to the protein gluten. This is often found in oats, barley, and rye. Symptoms include weight loss, and nausea, diarrhea, among others.

  • Peanuts

    Peanut allergy is known to be the type of allergy with the most occurrences of anaphylactic shock. Of all the types of allergies out there this ought to be watched out for the most. If your senior loved one already has a peanut allergy, your home care in Reseda should be made aware.

  • Soy

    Most of the time, allergic reactions to soy are mild. For senior adults, however, symptoms can be severe. Your non-medical services in California should be informed if your loved one is allergic to this so they can be made aware in their next grocery run.

  • Shellfish

    Developing an allergy to shellfish can also happen at any age, but mostly in adulthood. Shellfish include crustaceans and mollusks.

Fountain Homecare Services LLC can provide you with the home care services your loved one requires. For their needs, consult with us today!

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