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Medication Management: Safety Tips for Aging Adults


Medications are intended to help us live healthier. However, taking prescription and over-the-counter medicines the wrong way can be dangerous. Many older adults take multiple medications to maintain their health and manage existing conditions. This makes it more challenging for seniors and their caregivers to manage their medication.

As an agency specializing in home care services, we will share a few medication management tips to ensure safety for seniors:

  • Store medicines properly.

    Proper storage ensures your medications are safe and effective. Your provider of home care in Los Angeles, California can make sure medications are stored properly by reading the specific storage instructions for each medicine. Additionally, an in-home caregiver can check the expiration dates regularly to ensure safety.

  • Take medications as prescribed.

    It’s important for seniors to take their medications as prescribed by their healthcare provider. This entails continuing to take their medication, even if they feel better. If they experience any side effects or have questions, consult their provider. Misuse of medication can lead to addiction and dangerous side effects.

  • Be aware of potential side effects.

    Medicines have potential side effects that can occur. Be sure to know these side effects and inform your loved one’s healthcare provider. Drug interactions can also occur when certain foods, beverages, and other medicines or supplements react with the prescription medication.

Fountain Homecare Services LLC is a well-established provider of reliable, compassionate non-medical services in California. We offer personal care services to assist seniors with their daily tasks.

This includes medication reminders, grooming assistance, meal preparation, and more. Call us for inquiries about our in-home services.

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