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Why Opting for Home Health Care Is Beneficial


We have achieved great heights when it comes to technological advancements, especially in the field of medicine which have resulted in increased longevity. This means that the number of senior citizens has increased. This is a positive development for many will be able to experience longer and fuller lives by themselves or with loved ones or close friends. However, along with the positives of aging, there are challenges that we seniors experience. We may not be as healthy, or as mobile as during our younger years or we may even be hampered by mobility issues. Even so, most of us, if not all, prefer to age at home. For this to be possible, we need the services like the non-medical services in California and the assistance of healthcare professionals from home health care. Let’s look at the following advantages of home health care:

  • Help with personal hygiene

    Keeping good personal hygiene is one important component of keeping ourselves healthy. When we keep ourselves clean, it will keep us from infections. But due to the difficulties brought by old age, such as mobility issues, chronic illnesses, and physical disabilities, we may have a hard time or are unable to maintain good personal hygiene. With home health care, their caregivers can aid us with our personal hygiene requirements like bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.

  • Aid with housekeeping

    It’s essential for seniors to live in a place that is clean, safe, and healthy. Sad to say, many of us seniors have a hard time doing housekeeping tasks such as basic cleaning, laundry work, vacuuming, dusting, etc. The home health aides from various home health or home care agencies like the home care in Ventura County can help us in doing our household tasks.

  • Assistance with transport

    Getting to our medical appointments, social gatherings, or the supermarket are among the difficulties we face as seniors as we may no longer have access to transportation or our condition makes it dangerous or impossible to drive on our own. Among the home care services provided to address this problem is transportation assistance. Home health aides can remain at our side during these appointments as well.

  • Help with medication management

    As we age, many of us may be taking several medications which may be hard for us seniors as we may not be able to take the appropriate medications at the right time that would keep our condition from worsening or cure us or protect ourselves from the risks of drug overdose and adverse interactions. The healthcare staff can help us manage our medications.

At Fountain Homecare Services LLC, we have a great pool of home health care/home care professionals to help you age at home well. Feel free to contact us about our home care in Los Angeles, California.

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